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Remove Clutter, Reduce Anxiety, and Transform your Life


Is the thought of getting organized so overwhelming you just want to cry?

Your clutter is taking over not just your physical space, but your life. And maybe you have tried to reduce the clutter on your own, but you just never seem to have the time. Does this sound familiar?


“I really needed to become unstuck at the places where it was hard for me to make decisions to pare down my belongings, and Meghan has wonderful skills in this area because she is considerate and compassionate while at the same time reflecting back to me the original objectives I had of getting rid of clutter.

Sally W.







Is the clutter in your home causing you anxiety? We are here to help you declutter and create systems so you can have a home you feel calm and at peace in.

“Meghan asked thoughtful questions and helped us design a system that will be easy for us to maintain. We now have a calm, peaceful office work space that we enjoy!”

-Blythe, Petaluma

Closet & Shelving

Is your closet space maxed out? Or is your garage a disaster zone and in desperate need of a makeover? We offer closet and shelving design services to fit your budget.

“She simply made the process of letting go of possessions something that I essentially came to experience as a sense of freedom from the burden of belongings”

-Justin, Sebastopol


Does the thought of moving into a new home overwhelm you? We are here for you in every step of the process. We want you to feel settled as soon as possible.

“Meghan arrived early on our first moving day and coordinated all the logistics to make the transition into our new home as peaceful and as stress free as possible.”

-Sarah, Healdsburg

I have worked with organizers before but none have made such a permanent difference in my home.
— Helen, St. Helena

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Meet Sweet B

Sweet B Organizing, serving Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, reflects Meghan LeBaudour's passion for beautifully organized spaces.

Meghan’s 16 years working in the apparel industry challenged her to create order within the fast moving world of apparel. Over these years she designed unique organizing systems to manage more than 150 accessories & apparel samples at any one time. Meghan developed solutions for seasonal product collections as well as digital assets to keep the team running efficiently. When Meghan wasn't in vendor meetings and building the product assortment you could find her in the sample room creating order out of chaos.

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Are you ready to transform your space and restore a sense of order and peace to your daily life?

Please click the link below to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Don’t know where to drop off your unwanted things?

Find out where the professionals take their clients’ unwanted things in the North Bay. Are you starting the process of getting organized but feel overwhelmed with the thought of what to do with the things you no longer want? We have curated a local Resource list for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties.

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