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Are you feeling overwhelmed by stacks of papers in your home office, or disenchanted with your crowded closet? Maybe your child's lego collection is taking over your home? We are here to help!  We understand that you lead a busy life and just maybe clutter is starting to take a toll on your ability to live fully. We will create a customized approach to your challenge in order to create something that you can maintain once we have left.


Professional Organizing

We will work side by side to sort and declutter your space. We will shop for supplies as needed and haul away all donations/consignment.

  • Space Optimization

  • Decluttering

  • Paper Management and filing solutions

  • Product recommendations for any budget

  • We organize closets, kitchens, kids rooms, home offices, garages, & anything in your home or small business


Closet & Shelving Design

Is your closet big enough but the build-out is not fitting your needs? Or maybe you have a garage with no shelving and everything you own is sitting on the floor?

At Sweet B organizing we will help you design a closet or shelving system in any room in your home to maximize the space.

  • Design Elfa shelving from The Container Store with all of your stuff in mind

  • Schedule the installation and manage the entire process

  • Help you edit the stuff you have

  • Organize the stuff you keep on to your new shelves


Relocation Services

We will help you get settled in your new space.

  • Sort through all of your belongings with you to determine what will go to your new space

  • Pack everything with love and care and label for easy unpacking

  • Work with our team of movers on move in day

  • Determine where to place your items so your new space functions for your needs

  • Unpack and place items

  • Create a simply beautiful space that brings you joy

Sweet B’s Promise

We understand that letting someone into your personal space can make you feel vulnerable. We strive to put you at ease and make the process of organizing the most enjoyable it can be.  We really love what we do and appreciate your trust. We are strongly aligned with the NAPO Code of Ethics. Here is what you can expect from Sweet B staff, installers, and sources:

  • Integrity, objectivity, courtesy and respect

  • Professional services you can rely upon

  • Strict confidentiality

  • Transparent pricing and tracking of costs


After the initial consultation a complete estimate of fees and payment policies will be provided. Products and services we recommend will be designed with our client's best interests in mind. Please inquire for more detials.


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About Sweet B

Santa Rosa, CA

Photos by Cathy stancil photography


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Sweet B Organizing, serving Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, reflects Meghan LeBaudour's passion for beautifully organized spaces. Meghan’s 16 years working in the apparel industry challenged her to create order within the fast moving world of apparel. Over these years she designed unique organizing systems to manage more than 150 accessories & apparel samples at any one time. Meghan developed solutions for seasonal product collections as well as digital assets to keep the team running efficiently. When Meghan wasn't in vendor meetings and building the product assortment you could find her in the sample room creating order out of chaos.

For as long as she can remember Meghan has been helping friends declutter and organize their closets. When she realized she could make a living doing something she truly loved, her dreams became a reality. 

Meghan soon began working with reputable professional organizers in the San Francisco Bay Area, quickly transitioning to working full time as a professional organizer, founding Sweet B Organizing so she could realize her dream & passion for beautifully organized spaces.

Meghan is an active member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)-San Francisco Chapter.

Sweet B Organizing is fully insured.

When she isn't organizing Meghan can be found exploring the outdoors with her family and Australian Shepard in Petaluma, CA.

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Helen D

St Helena

I highly recommend Meghan!

I have worked with organizers before but none have made such a permanent difference in my home. I love how she pulls everything together from a space, then has me go through it. Then on her own she organizes it beautifully while I work on something else. Her recommendations for resources were very helpful.  I will call on her again.



Sonoma, CA

Sweet B Organizing was the best money I ever spent.

Meghan helped us clear out and repurpose not only our own 50 years of ‘things’ but also the accumulated items belonging to a family member whose home of 70 years we needed to clear.  The task felt enormous and beyond our abilities.  Meghan worked purposefully, and with humor and grace to move us forward item by item.  She comes fully prepared to  help with both the emotional ‘baggage’ of things (example: take a photo) and the physical overload of too much to sort out.  She helped clear, clean and ‘open’ our spaces.  We are relieved, happy and feel so much better living with order and space.  And we have kept the spaces cleared! Thank you Meghan.  You are truly a gift to whomever you work with.



Napa, CA

I am so grateful for all her help.

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Meghan and highly recommend her to anyone needing help getting things in order.  After our initial consultation, it became clear that my business needed more organizing than my closet.  Meghan sent me custom prompts to help target my most problematic areas and I was impressed with how much detail she went into.  She asked me questions about my business practices that I've never even considered, opening my eyes to a number of small changes that proved immensely beneficial.  She communicates with ease, so I knew exactly what to expect with each step of the process.  Her approach is all encompassing - we touched on my finances and brand vision, but we also took time to focus on gratitude and balance.  Meghan doesn't just tackle the problem, she is able to set up a realistic plan ensuring future success.  After our time together, she followed up with notes of our game plan and set me up with some initial tasks to accomplish. She's already reached out to check in on my progress, and I know she'll be there for any future questions or hurdles I have.  The thing that stands out the most to me is how down to earth, genuine, and non judgmental Meghan is.  I was able to trust her after our first phone call, she felt like an old friend I could open up to.  I showed Meghan the stuff that makes even me cringe, and never once felt anything but positivity from her.  She is someone you want in your corner, I'm so grateful for all of her help!



Fairfax, CA

I feel like Sweet B fixed everything!

I booked Sweet B's services because I just couldn't find any of my favorite things. I dreaded opening my hall closet. It was a point of contention between my husband and I. Meghan, the owner, came over for a consultation. She took photos and measurements of my closet. She asked me something I never heard anyone ask me before. She asked me, "How Do you want to feel about this closet?" I was so impressed with her thoughtful assessment of my possessions. There was no judgement. The Sweet B team arrived on time and worked with me to pair down my possessions. They came with clear boxes that fit perfectly on my shelves. Every item was put next to similar items. It is such a pleasure to open my closet and see all my belongings happily organized. I no longer have to deal with a closet door that won't close. My husband is thrilled. I am happy to say I feel peaceful and creative. I can find all my craft projects in one place. I highly recommend Sweet B services! 


Kym F.

Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks Meghan!

I had Meghan come and organize my closets and drawers and was worried I would not be able to keep them looking good after awhile but that is not the case! It has made it more simple to keep it clean and way easier to know what to wear in the mornings. It has been amazing! She also did my sons closet which is actually a combination of his closet, my work closet and storage. Everything is now where it should be and looks great! After that job, I decided to have her do my home office which was a complete nightmare! It has made my life so much easier! I now know exactly where everything is and most importantly, I no longer have stacks and stacks of paper on top of the desk. Meghan was friendly, very easy to work with, on time and flexible with my needs. I would highly recommend her and already have!