What Sweet B Clients Are Saying


“Waking up this morning felt so good.”

“I am so so happy that you pushed us to get those last few things placed in the various rooms. It changed the energy of the house having this last step done. I finally feel moved in to the house.

Thank you so much for all your work over our 4 days together to coordinate a peaceful move.

I have moved 6 times in 2 1/2 years and this last move was drastically different. You and your team coordinated it all so seamlessly for us.

Sarah H.




“Please know that your expertise assisting us was invaluable and we sincerely appreciate all that you have done to restore sanity to our home.

On top of that, it was lovely working with you. Thank you for making the process so easy and seamless. I’m confident when I say you’ve taken years off - the anxiety walking into that garage everyday was overwhelming to say the least!”

Margaret B.

-Santa Rosa


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“I booked Sweet B's services because I just couldn't find any of my favorite things. I dreaded opening my hall closet. It was a point of contention between my husband and me.”

“I am happy to say I now feel peaceful and creative.”

“Meghan, the owner, came over for a consultation. She took photos and measurements of my closet.

She asked me something I never heard anyone ask me before. She asked me, "How do you want to feel about this closet?”

I was so impressed with her thoughtful assessment of my possessions. There was no judgment.

It is such a pleasure to open my closet and see all my belongings happily organized. I no longer have to deal with a closet door that won't close and my husband is thrilled. I can find all my craft projects in one place. I highly recommend Sweet B services!” 

Trinette H.




“I kept having the same problems with paperwork and projects and stuff piling up and kept approaching it with the same plan - it just wasn't working.”

“I can say after Meghan came and worked with me that it was a fantastic decision to go with her!

I kept thinking "But I can do this on my own...I don't need to pay someone to help me."

And 5+ years passed, the stuff kept staring at me and building up and it didn't get done.

I think of Meghan every time my pile on the counter gets too high and can practically hear her saying "Once a week...just take 20 minutes to put it where it belongs." And then I do it and it usually never even takes that long and then my brain feels clearer and my body feels calmer and I'm happy. : ) Ahh, organization...”

Kimberly B.




“Sweet B Organizing changed our lives.”

“We hired Meghan, the owner of Sweet B Organizing to help us organize our lives before our 4th baby arrived. Our lives felt cluttered and unorganized before meeting with Meghan.

We didn't realize the huge life shift that would take place because of hiring an organizer.

We now have a place for everything, and find it easy to keep everything tidy because of that. It's seriously changed our world in our home. We have more time to concentrate on the things that really matter.”

Now our lives feel less stressful and peaceful.

Britany B.


“Sweet B Organizing was the best money I ever spent. Meghan helped us clear out and repurpose not only our own 50 years of ‘things’ but also the accumulated items belonging to a family member whose home of 70 years we needed to clear.  

The task felt enormous and beyond our abilities.  

Meghan worked purposefully, and with humor and grace to move us forward item by item.  She comes fully prepared to help with both the emotional ‘baggage’ of things (example: take a photo) and the physical overload of too much to sort out.  She helped clear, clean and ‘open’ our spaces. We are relieved, happy and feel so much better living with order and space.  And we have kept the spaces cleared! Thank you Meghan. You are truly a gift to whomever you work with.”

Dale Z.


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