The Art of Letting Go of Clutter


A few months back I discovered The Minimalist 30 day challenge and dove in head first. On day one I let go of one thing on day two I let go of two things until I reached the 30th day and had let go of 465 things in total. I have always been pretty good about keeping my house clear of clutter but this year I really started on a journey to let go of what was no longer serving me. Over the past 12 months, I have felt an amazing transformation.  In the process of letting go of my things I noticed that I have not missed any of them. Even the items that held an emotional charge I realized that the memories that these things had were not in the actual things themselves but that they will always live in my heart.


Every single one of us has clutter in our lives whether it is emotional, physical or mental clutter. As Professional Organizer and speaker Julie Coraccio talks about on her podcast Clearing Clutter from the Inside Out, clutter is stagnant energy and if we don’t move that stagnant energy then we are holding ourselves back from moving forward in our lives. This is a powerful notion to consider and has really changed the way I value the “things” in my life. The more I let go, the more I crave for connection and creating experiences in my life with the people I love. These experiences help us grow and move forward in our lives, not the stuff.


If you think that decluttering is a one stop shop you are wrong. Its a process, and if you are ready to move that stagnant energy then give yourself the time and space to do it. Treat it like a necessary task on your to-do list. Literally pencil it into your calendar so it has a priority in your life. I challenge you to spend 10 minutes a day. Pick one area that you feel is holding you back and see how it makes you feel once you're done clearing the clutter.


The process of letting go is life changing, I promise. Leave a comment below and let me know how you’re decluttering.


Ciao for now,