Sweet Baby Wyatt's Nursery!


This organizing project is near and dear to my heart. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to design and organize my new nephew’s baby nursery. Baby Wyatt decided to join this world 6 weeks early so his room was not ready. He needed a little extra attention and stayed with the amazing nurses at Kaiser for the first 10 days of his life.

This gave me some time to pull his sweet little room together. My brother and sister-in-law's vision for the room was a cowboy inspired space that felt cozy and comfortable.

The first task was to tackle the closet which needed more use of the vertical space.

I added a clothing rod for hanging. I know what you're thinking, he is just a baby, but I always try to think about how a space will be used over time so the rod was necessary for him to grow into the room.

Next I wanted efficiency in the use of space in the lower closet. I found this 4 cube organizer at Target and put it together in 20 minutes. The fabric bins offer a touch of sophistication. The great thing about these bins is that as his needs change over the years what goes in the bins can easily change. Right now I put all of his extra blankets in one bin, the 9 month clothes in another, 12 month clothes in the 3rd bin and I left the last bin empty for the family to add to over time.

On the middle shelf I wanted to keep stuff that mom and dad would need on a regular basis so I added baskets from target, pictured. I filled them with extra baby wipes, diaper genie bags and extra burp cloths, the essentials!!

I also wanted to display some of Wyatt's San Fransisco Giants gear because I know how much that means to my brother. My brother (Nick) is the biggest SF Giants fan in the world. The retro baby Giants jacket was his jacket when he was a baby 34 years ago. I always thought my mom was crazy for keeping our baby clothes but this is such a special piece to have in baby Wyatt’s closet, it melts my heart.

The top shelf was a little bit of a challenge because the shelves were not deep. I needed to find something that was 11” deep to fit on the shelf and once again Target came to the rescue! I have used these fabric boxes in several different closets because they are very durable, they look great and can hold anything. Here I used them for extra hats and bibs and left one open for new things. I love that they have lids and can be easily stacked in the vertical space (which is essential in small spaces).

The existing built-in narrow shelf was perfect to hold adorable baby shoes!

I went on a hunt for the perfect rustic dresser my brother was imagining and found this piece at an antique shop in Healdsburg. It fits perfectly in the space! I lined all the drawers with a simple patterned contact paper and added baby clothes organized by size.

The space under the dresser allowed me to put 2 more shallow baskets for extra diapers.

Ok so I can’t take any credit for the walls in Wyatt’s room. This is all my brother’s doing. He created that wood wall out of recycled pallets and then they painted the wall with the adorable mountain scenery.  It's amazing right?

Lastly all the daily access items like diapers, burp cloths, bathroom products and more diapers got organized under the changing table which is attached to the end of the crib. I used two different sized Target baskets again to pull the whole rustic vibe of this room together.

This was by far the most fulfilling project I have done. I am grateful Baby Wyatt is home and that mom and dad get to enjoy the new space and their perfect baby boy.

I’d love to hear about your organizing tips for a baby’s room. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’ve done.

Ciao for now,

(Auntie) Meghan